Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick NSZ-GU1 Launches With Google Services

Over the weekend, the Sony BRAVIA Smart Stick surfaced on Sony's blog briefly, bringing some images of the device and details, only to disappear a short while later without explanation. Today the entertainment device has been officially launched, arriving in stores today as Sony lays out its details, complete with the addition of Google services.

With the BRAVIA Smart Stick, owners of 2013 BRAVIA TV can plug the device into their television's MHL slot, gaining access to Google services like Google Play, the Chrome browser, and Google search. In addition, the Smart Stick is loaded with a variety of common entertainment apps, including Pandora, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

With the Google Play access, users can then add on other wanted apps, such as their preferred social networks. Users can also load personal content onto the Smart Stick, including photographs, music, and videos. Rather than taking over the television, Sony's entertainment device is designed to work alongside current options.

For example, the Smart Stick allows users to utilize the device alongside their satellite or cable, with picture-in-picture being offered. With this functionality, users can watch TV with another window active for other activities, such as using Chrome. Those interested can get the device now, price set at $150 USD.

Said the marketing manager of Sony's Electronics Home Entertainment & Sound Division, Jamie Marsh, "The BRAVIA Smart Stick answers the question, 'What's on TV,' with 'whatever you want to watch. It brings the full power of Google services to your TV. From the apps in the Google Play store to the power of Google search, the BRAVIA Smart Stick integrates seamlessly with Sony's own BRAVIA apps and navigation to deliver an amazing connected TV viewing experience."