Sony BMG Working On Online Music Service With Flat Rate Subscription

The basic idea behind this music service that BMG is working on is to offer up their entire musical catalog for a flat monthly fee. Furthermore they mentioned the idea of even allowing users to keep certain tracks indefinitely even after their subscription ended.

I have to admit, I had a subscription to the Zune marketplace for a while, and it was nice. I could search, find, and download anything and everything I wanted to and then transfer it to my Zune if I liked it well enough. Honestly if the service worked with my iPod Touch I'd probably buy a new subscription to it.

BMG also mentioned the idea of bringing in mobile phone service providers on this project to offer up all or part of the catalog to mobile users as well. They said the tracks when downloaded would work with Apple's iPod as well. Personally I hope Apple starts offering a subscription music service, that would be nice.

[via The New York Times]