Sony Blu-ray Disc recorders export to PSP, other devices

Sony will be releasing two new Blu-ray recorders soon that offer support for a variety of exporting options, the company announced today. The 500GB BDZ-A950 and the 320GB BDZ-A750 are sleek devices that allow users to export recorded content to Sony gadgets.

That means you can export what you record or download to Walkman devices, the PSP and in some cases, cell phones. An accompanying service is called acTVila, which is Internet-based and allows you to download videos for a fee. Or, you can stream content for a lesser fee, though you can't keep the content.

Features include BS digital, a 110-degree CS, a program guide, Ethernet, BRAVIA Link support and more. These two new Blu-ray recorders will be available on April 24 in Japan only at this time, though the pricing is still unknown.

[via Tech-On!]