Sony Blocks European PS3 Importing

Wow, Sony must really, really hate Europe. Aside from leaving them out of the PlayStation 3 launch party in November due to console shortages, it now appears that Sony is taking extra measures to ensure that European customers don't get a console before March. Specifically, Lik-Sang, everyone's favorite import/export experts, will be forbidden to sell imported PS3s based on a ruling that forbids them from selling imported PSP handhelds. While I'm not sure what the legal limitations are on applying a ruling based on one product to a separate item, Sony seems hell-bent on making sure that consoles that don't meet the European Union's standards don't reach European shores. So, unless you have a Stateside or Japanese relative willing to shell out the $500-$600 for you, it appears that Europeans will need to find another way around Sony's embargo.

[via GamePro]