Sony BDV-E570 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Available Now, 3D in Summer

3D is making a huge push, hoping that the technology will be widely adopted by everyone sooner than later. Sure, there are still some people out there that refer to 3D as an old, recycled gimmick, but that's not stopping all the major companies from doing everything they can to try and get it not only into movie theaters around the world, but also into your home. Enter Sony, who have just made available their BDV-E570 Blu-Ray home theater system, which comes with a nice little surprise this summer.

Sony wants to capitalize on this new love for an old (but vastly improved (and still improving)) technology, so they've made sure the Blu-Ray Disc player is able to handle the 3D technology, and they've got it perfectly planned to gain that capability in tandem with Sony's release of their BRAVIA 3D TVs. That's right. If you go with Sony, eventually everything will be in 3D.

Sony is touting that the industry's first Blu-Ray Disc home theater system is getting "upgraded" to 3D capabilities by the Summer, and we honestly can't blame them. That's a great big next step, and we're glad that Sony isn't making people pay for a whole new system if they don't want to. The system itself is able to offer full 1080p playback; along with offer some great Internet streaming sites, such as Netflix, Amazon On-Demand, Slacker Inernet Radio (Pandora is coming in the Spring), Sony Pictures, and Sony Music. There's also the exclusive iPhone/iPod Touch Blu-Ray Disc remote, which we told you about before. If this is sounding like something you want, head on over to Best Buy right now and get ready to drop about $550. But hey, at least you get 3D in a few months, right? Now, just start saving up for that BRAVIA TV.