Sony batteries recalled on several laptop models

Talk about a super bummer. Looks like we have another laptop battery recall situation on our hands. In fact, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of 35,000 laptop batteries manufactured by Sony.

And the reason is what you would expect. It seems the Lithium-ion batteries have the tendency to overheat, catch on fire and pose a burn hazard to people. And this is no joke. Apparently, 19 people have already reported problems with overheating. 17 reports involved actual flames and 2 people received mild burns from the faulty batteries.

While the recall is merely voluntary at the moment, it wouldn't hurt to give the list of affected laptops a good perusal, which includes HP, Compaq, Dell and Toshiba laptops. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want my laptop battery to suddenly burst into flames. Just doesn't sound fun to me.