Sony announces Remote Play, brings PS4 titles to the Vita

Sony has just announced their all new PlayStation 4. While we're still slowly but surely getting all the details a few things are already clear. That being this device will be a gamer-centric platform, have nearly unlimited amounts of social aspects, and of course now their talking about essentially cloud gaming. You'll now be able to use Remote Play to stream and continue games on the PS Vita.

The PlayStation cloud service does more than just stream games, you'll also be able to share games with friends. Yup, if you get stuck and can't figure out a situation just hit that share button on the new controller and invite a friend to help you out. While we're still waiting for more details on their cloud service one thing is clear – Things are about to get crazy.

Remote Play works on multiple levels. From sharing games with others, to continuing where you left off right on your PlayStation Vita. This means everyone that has that awesome device can stream their game right to the 5-inch display on the go. If the kids take over the living room, or your dad wants to watch Monday Night Football – simply leave the PS4 on and continue right where you left off with the Vita.

Just like NVIDIA's recently announced Project SHIELD you'll be able to enjoy beautiful HD games with stunning visuals being powered by the PS4, but streamed to your VITA. We have a feeling we'll be hearing much more on this, and hopefully Sony will also be integrating Remote Play with their wide array of Xperia Android-powered smartphones. The image above certainly hints to tablet support, although then that would skip over the possibility of selling more Vita units. We're unsure how many titles will initially be supported, but they claim to eventually offer all PS4 games with Remote Play. Stay tuned for more details as they all come available.