Sony announces new PlayStation Move bundles for next week

Sony announced two new hardware bundles for the PlayStation 3 that will be hitting retail stores next week just in time for the holiday season. With all the holiday feasting and gatherings coming up, the bundles will be arriving at a good time, packing in PlayStation Move accessories and titles that will get you dancing or playing sports in your living room to burn off all those excess calories.

One bundle features the Everybody Dance title and comes with the 320GB PlayStation 3 console plus one DualShock controller, a Move controller, and a PlayStation Eye camera, all for $299.99. That's about the price you would normally pay for just the console itself. This bundle will be sold exclusively at Target.

The second bundle may suit you better if you already have the PlayStation 3 console, as it only comes with the Move accessories and two game titles. The games are Sports Champions and Medieval Moves Deadmund's Quest. This bundle goes for $99.99.

[via PlayStationLifestyle]