Sony Announced NW-S700 And NW-S600 Series DAP

We wont call this an "iPod Killer", it seems like every new MP3 players or DAPs are being labeled iPod Killer. Sony's NW-S700 feature 4/2/1GB flash storage, OLED screen, FM Tuner, and playback for multiple formats such as MP3/ATRAC/ATRAC Advanced Lossless/Linear PCM and AAC/WMA sans DRM files. I love Sony's quick charge technology that gives you 3-hours playback on 3 minutes charge and 2 hours charge for 50 hours playback. The NW-S700 also sports noise-canceling features that give user high quality audio output. The NW-S600 looks like a strip down version of NW-S700. It comes with 2GB or 1GB flash storage, no FM tuner and noise-cancelation. The NW-S700 will be available on October 21st in Japan (As usual, Japan always gets it first!) priced up to ¥29,000 (US $242) and the NW-S600 will be available in Japan on November 18th and price starts at ¥15,000 (US $125).

New Sony Walkman and NetJuke [via akihabaranews]