Sony Announced NW-S203F and NW-S2305F MP3 Player

Sony recently announced a series of sports oriented MP3 player, the 1GB NW-S203F and 2GB NW-S2305F. If you owned a Walkman device that comes with the tube remote controller, you will notice the design of NW-S203F and NW-S2305F looks very similar. The player uses OLED screen that most new player in the market used and it feature an FM tuner, a stopwatch, and a pedometer.

A unique playlists system with built in motion sensor really make this player the ultimate jogging companion, it detect how fast the user move and select a playlists based on the speed of the movement.

The players will last 18 hours of playback time with full charge. File format supported are MP3, ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus, non-drm WMA, and AAC. NW-S203F is priced at $120 and NW-S2305F is priced at $150.