Sony and Tokyo Tech tip mobile chips with world's fastest data transfer rate

It's safe to say that we all want faster data transfer with our mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Most of us would also like the ability to shoot content such as video and photos between two mobile devices or out to TVs without having to use wires with better quality. Streaming high-bandwidth content such as HD video requires a lot of bandwidth or quality quickly becomes poor. Sony and Tokyo Tech have jointly developed new low-power LSIs for wideband millimeter-wave wireless communications and have achieved the world's fastest data transfer rate.

The new chips the two companies developed were able to achieve a data transfer rate of 6.3 Gb/s in a low-power design specifically designed for mobile devices. Sony says that a shortage in frequencies under 6 GHz has become a big issue for wireless data transfer with mobile devices. The chips Sony co-developed will allow users to transmit and receive data at higher speeds between mobile devices with no cables using the 60GHz range. Users will be able to enjoy uncompressed high-quality video streaming from a mobile device to display as well.

Sony designed the BB LSI chip unit and the Tokyo Institute of Technology designed the other half, the RF LSI along with analog parts of the BB LSI. Sony also designed a means to reduce the amount of redundant data that is required for error correction. The 60 GHz band millimeter-wave wireless communication standard 802.15.3c is used in the chips. There is no indication of when this technology might be seen in mobile devices on the market.

[via Sony]