Sony and FIFA team up for 4K 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage

Sony and FIFA have announced that they have teamed up to produce 4K content that sports fans will love. The two are teaming up on 4K coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The footage shot will be used in the official FIFA film that will be show in 4K resolution. Sony and FIFA will also be producing three full matches in 4K resolution.

The World Cup will be held in Brazil for June 12 to July 13. FIFA and Sony want to use the 4K partnership at the World Cup to accelerate the 4k viewing experience everywhere. Sports are one of the biggest reasons that consumers to upgrade their TVs. The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Film in 4K will include a selection of games and the final.

This film will be distributed online by FIFA via unnamed 4k content distribution services after the 2014 World Cup ends. You can bet that the Sony 4k distribution service will be one of the services used. Sony will provide the professional 4k equipment used to film one round of the match that will be held on June 28. The film will also include one quarter-final match on July 4.

The final will be recorded on July 13. Sony will provide FIFA with supports including a 4k live production system. Hardware used for the film will include the Sony CineAlta 4K live camera, 4K storage unit, and 4K LCD monitors among other hardware. During some games of the World Cup, Sony will have booths in the stadiums showing trailers for the movie in 4K. Fans will also be able to see the trailers on 4K Sony TVs in showrooms and in Sony Stores.