Sony and DirecTV bringing NFL Sunday Ticket to PS3

Sony and DirecTV have announced that they've teamed up once again this year to bring PS3 owners access to NFL Sunday Ticket. The two companies did the same thing last year, but there's one key difference this time around: the price. Users "without access" to DirecTV can get NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3 for $299.95, which – even though it sounds pretty expensive – is a bit cheaper than it was last year.

Of course, the PS3 Sunday Ticket app will be free to those who already subscribe to DirecTV, but allowing users to purchase the app outright will definitely be appreciated by those who live in areas where DirectTV isn't available. According to the PlayStation Blog, NFL Sunday Ticket will be available on September 4, just a few days before the regular NFL season kicks off on September 9.

As many of you already know, NFL Sunday Ticket lets you watch out-of-market games to your heart's content, but PS3 users are also getting a few perks by downloading this app. They'll be getting access to DirecTV's RED ZONE channel as well, which "delivers the final yards of every scoring drive and other exciting moments from all Sunday afternoon games as they happen." Sony is also targeting fantasy football players with this app, offering "up-to-the-minute stats" and the ability to follow your team in real time if you happen to be playing fantasy football through

All in all, this isn't a bad offer for the millions of football fans out there. Not only does it give DirecTV subscribers another to way to watch their Sunday Ticket content, but it also gives those without a subscription a chance to follow their favorite team (or teams) throughout the season. Will you purchasing and/or downloading the NFL Sunday Ticket app for PS3?