Sony Action Cam firmware update brings livestreaming

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 19, 2014
Sony Action Cam firmware update brings livestreaming

The second iteration of Sony’s Action Cam, an outdoor-centric camcorder for recording all of life’s perilous activities, has received a new firmware update. Once updated, the camcorders will score live video streaming, among other things.

The firmware update is for the Sony Action Cam AS100V (the white model), which will be able to livestream to USTREAM, adding an element of functionality never previously available with Sony’s Action Cams. This feature requires users to download Network Setting Tool to one’s computer and add their camera’s settings, which is detailed on Sony’s support site.

The video aspect of the Sony Action Cam isn’t the only area updated with the new firmware. The still image model also gains some new features: Burst Still Shooting mode, Motion Shot LE (Limited Edition), and Self Timer mode, allowing users to set up a still shot and then scoot on into the image themselves.

You can grab the download from Sony’s website. The AS30V camcorder has also received an update, and though it doesn’t get livestreaming, it does get better auto exposure, multiple cameras can be controlled using Live-View Remote, and WiFi can be used even if a microSD card isn’t inserted into the camcorder.

SOURCE: Engadget

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