Sony A900 Ad Leak shows new Alpha with 24.6MP

Daniel Lim - Sep 4, 2008, 9:15am CDT

Announced early this year at PMA 2008, Sony revealed an unnamed full frame prototype with in-house 24.81 Megapixel ‘Exmor’ CMOS sensor and was expected to make its formal introduction a week before Photokina 2008. Over the months there have been numerous rumors circulating about this new Alpha but the intriguing part is the possibility of this 25MP sesnor ends up in the Nikon D3x. We have not seen any solid on D3x yet, but a fellow member from DPR has posted a concrete advertisement of the new Alhpa taken from a Danish photography magazine.

The scanned ad is showing a 24.6MP full frame Alpha. Knowing Sony, one can expect the new Alpha is more likely to be armed with in-body stabilizer, X-fine high resolution LCD screen, Bionz Image Processor, video mode and much affordable than the $8000 Canon 21.1MP Ds mark II. We’ll find out more next week, stays tune…..

[via photographybybay]

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