Sony 1.5TB Home Media Server

Sony's latest cookie-tin media PCs, the VGF-HS1 and HS1S "Liblog Station", will launch in Japan on May 17th.  The compact system is intended as a home server, with gigabit ethernet, support for the DLNA media sharing standard and a choice of either 1TB (the HS1) or 1.5TB (the HS1S) of storage.  Media can be either accessed on the home network or from a remote location either through a browser interface or via a pre-established "data link function" that makes a non-local device appear local.

The HS1 uses two 500GB drives while the HS1S uses two 750GB drives.  Both have three USB ports, one front-mounted and two at the rear, as well as Memory Stick, SD/SDHC and Compact Flash slots.  A single button-press can automatically copy all data from removable media to the Liblog itself. 

Sony are claiming a maximum power draw of 30W and low-noise thanks to the use of two smaller fans rather than one large one.  It weighs in at 3.1kg and measures 270 x 71 (diameter x height).  The HS1 will be priced at around 60,000 yen ($570) while the HS1S will come in at 80,000 yen ($761).

[via Impress]