Sons of Anarchy gets the first iPad interactive shopping app

When I watch shows sometimes, I like to pay attention to the little details to see how far the show takes things. If they flash badge in front of the screen like to pause and read it. This is all thanks to Star Trek: The Next Generation. I watched that show for years before I found out that all the labels on the bridge of the enterprise were nonsensical sayings and quotes.

If you like the FX series Sons of Anarchy and have an iPad there is a new app on the App Store you need to download. The app is claimed to be the first interactive shopping app for the iPad. You can download the app for free and install it to your tablet. When you launch the app, it will synchronize with the show as you watch. The app is landing along with the airing of the ninth episode of the season on November 1.

As you watch the show and see the shirts and biker style jewelry the app will show the stuff to you and you can add it to your shopping cart on the app to purchase. The entire season 3 Blu-ray is also enabled for the app and you can control playback from the app as well. The app is called SOA Gear.