Sonos updates with Songza for pro-made playlists

This week you'll find that your Sonos player is able to hook up with none other than Songza, a system which not only allows you to make fabulous playlists, but to see playlists made by professional musicians as well. Sonos is already a system with many musical sources working with it for a fabulously harmonious system of speakers and mobile connections galore – now with Songza, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the sound in a whole new way.

This system is available for users in both Canada and the United States for starters, and hooking up with it is perfectly simple. All you've got do to is head to Songza online to sign up, then add it to your Sonos UI. Inside Sonos you only need to navigate to More Music on your Controller and poof! There Songza will be. This system is 100% free and has no audio advertisements whatsoever.

This release has several big-name music artists joining in on the party including Counting Crows, Tori Amos, Slash, and Montgomery Gentry. Each of these artists have their own playlists that you can access instantly. Sonza also allows you to make your own playlists and have them ready to go based on different times during the day as well – it's a rather versatile system.

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