Sonos Play:3 nightstand speaker crosses FCC

If you are a fan of digital music and you prefer to stream that music from one central source out to all the rooms in your home you are likely familiar with Sonos. The company has a full line of streaming music gear that will get you r tunes just about anywhere you want in your house. A new Sonos speaker has surfaced thanks to our palls at the FCC as it crosses the test bench to get the approvals it needs to hit stores near you.

The new speaker is apparently called the Play:3 and it looks a lot like the speakers that often come with computers. Sonos generally names their speakers with a correlation of the number in the name and the number of speakers actually inside the case. For instance, the Sonos S5 houses five different speakers inside its single cabinet. That would seem to hint that the Play:3 may well have three speakers inside.

Looking at the size of the case to the FCC bench I could see it having a high, mid, and a woofer crammed inside. Down in the gallery is an image of the label for the Play:3 with one in white and the other in black. That would seem to indicate the device will come in white and black colors. We don't know how large the speaker is, when it will land, or what it will cost at this point.

[via Zatznotfunny]