Sonos goes indie with SoundCloud

JC Torres - Jul 11, 2014
Sonos goes indie with SoundCloud

There are already a plethora of music sources available on Sonos‘ wireless speaker system but what if you were tired of the same old hit tunes and craved for something different, something exotic, something barely anyone has heard of before? Well now Sonos can satisfy that craving as well, partnering with online music platform SoundCloud to bring listeners an even wider variety of tunes, genres, and names from all over the world.

Sonos already boasts of a number of music streaming services in its list, including Google Play Music, Spotify, TuneIn, and Deezer just to name a few. However, most of these services are designed to bring you the latest and most popular hits, not that there is anything wrong with that. But the music world is much, much more varied than that, and SoundCloud was specifically designed to cater to that part of the world.

SoundCloud bills itself as a music platform for new and aspiring artists. You don’t need to have a record label at your back to publish on SoundCloud. It is home to many indie artists and bands, alternative music genres, and even non-music audio content like podcasts. True to being a platform for everyone, SoundCloud also accommodates those with more clout in the industry, giving more established artists and personalities an alternative platform for their loyal fanbase.

Of course, SoundCloud isn’t just for those who make music but even more for those that consume them. Users are able to stream music without limitation, download music as much as they want, provided the tracks are available for free in the first place, join special interest groups, and even provide feedback, turning SoundCloud into a social platform as well. They can actually leave comments at specific parts of the track.

Now all of those features are available at the fingertips of Sonos users as well. SoundCloud integration is still marked as beta but it is available for free. All users need to do is to open the Sonos app on their Android or iOS smartphone, navigate to “Add Music Services” and pick out SoundCloud from the list to enjoy a whole new and different world of music.


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