Sonim torture tests "nearly" unbreakable XP2 Spirit phone at MWC

Nothing is more embarrassing for a manufacturer than to have its product tested and the features touted found to be false. This is exactly what happened to Sonim at CES when it dared a BBC journalist to try to break its indestructible XP3 handset, and break it he did. With that fresh in mind, Sonim is showing off its first 3G handset at MWC called the Sonim XP2 Spirit and is this time calling the thing "nearly" unbreakable.

The company gave geeks a tool belt with the phone, blocks of wood, nails, sand paper, tape measure, a Leatherman tool, and safety goggles. It then dared the journalists to try to break the handset and this time, the XP2 came out better than the XP3 fared at CES.

Check out the video below to see geeks pounding nails into wood using the phone and generally beating the rugged handset up. I am impressed at the abuse the device can withstand; my iPhone nearly cracked just watching the video. The only thing I am confused about is why a tape measure?