Someone already beat Doom on Ultra Nightmare difficulty without dying

While the open multiplayer was hit or miss for most players, now that the new Doom has been released, reviews have been praising the campaign mode of developer id Software's reboot. The game manages to walk the tightrope of staying loyal to the classic originals, while still bringing something new to the table and incorporating modern FPS mechanics.

One such detail is a new difficultly level called Ultra Nightmare, a new spin on the originals' most challenging level, Nightmare (which the new Doom still has). But where Ultra Nightmare is it with a new perma-death rule, where there's no saving, and once you die you must start all over from the beginning.

Doom has been out for less than a week now, and one player has already beaten it on this difficulty. Zero Master, as the player goes by, even posted his complete Ultra Nightmare run to YouTube on May 15th, only two days after release! You can see the entire 4 hours, 47 minutes completion here.

The video's description notes that Zero Master beat the game on Ultra Nightmare at around 9:00 PM on May 14th, suggesting that they are the world's first to clear the new Doom's hardest difficulty. Quite an achievement indeed.

SOURCE Zero Master/YouTube