Some Apple Pay users being charged twice for transactions

If you've been all over town slapping your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus on the point-of-sale terminal at the stores you frequent, you might want to take a breather and check your bank statement. If you're using a Bank of America card, you might have been overcharged. Double charged, really. It seems some back-end problems have caused some to see their Apple Pay purchases be charged twice. If you notice a double-charge, Bank of America will refund you, though.

Bank of America might be issuing refunds, but the kerfuffle might not be easy to fix. Speaking to Bloomberg, BofA acts as though they're proactively searching for duplicate charges and refunding them — and they might be. It might also not be so easy to find a way to ask them to right their wrong if they haven't yet done so. Their statement:

We apologize for this inconvenience and are correcting this issue immediately. All duplicates will be refunded

CNN reported Samuel Burke got the run-around when he noticed a problem on his account. Bank of America representatives sent him to Apple support. the problem? Apple doesn't keep your account info, or any details regarding Apple Pay, on file for security reasons.

Apple then told him to call Bank of America. You probably see how frustrating that might be.

If you find that you've been charged twice from Bank of America, at least you know there is no relief from Apple. It's likely some processing snafu on Bank of America's end, where their processing system recognizes an Apple Pay purchase twice. For now, we'd caution Bank of america customers from making larger purchases via Apple Pay.

Via: Bloomberg