Some 2018 MacBook Airs with logic board problems get free repairs

JC Torres - Jun 30, 2019, 7:49pm CDT
Some 2018 MacBook Airs with logic board problems get free repairs

Apple has just started its recall of a number of MacBook Pros yet here comes another problem ailing another set of Apple notebooks. Fortunately, it’s nothing dangerous to deserve a recall but probably still aggravating for owners. A number of MacBook Airs hailing from 2018 have been specifically marked as having issues with their logic board. And while Apple has yet to publicly explain what those are, it is at least telling authorized service centers to repair those units at no cost to the owner.

Most people will probably be more familiar with the term “motherboard” in relation to computers and a logic board is pretty much the same thing except in Apple parlance. And if there’s a problem with the logic/motherboard, you can definitely expect problems in the overall use of a computer.

Sadly, Apple isn’t saying exactly what the problem is but the internal document acquired by 9to5Mac hints at something related to “power” issues. It may or may not be related to some complaints about the device not powering up at all. It’s also not widespread to all 2018 MacBook Air models and singles out a “very small number” of Retina, 13-inch 2018, MacBook Air units.

At the moment, Apple hasn’t put up any page where you can input your MacBook Air’s serial number and check if you’re included in the list. Apple will supposedly be the one to email those it thinks may have been affected by the undisclosed issue but owners can also take their notebooks to Apple Stores or authorized service centers to check.

If your MacBook Air is indeed included (which is no reason to celebrate, of course), Apple’s instructions are not to charge owners for the repair. The free repair will supposedly be in effect up to four years from the MacBook Air’s date of purchase.

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