Solu pocket-sized, cloud-linked computer automatically saves everything to the cloud

Solu is a computer that wants to rethink how users interact with their computer. It's described as an advanced cloud-linked computer that takes the worry of storage space, file backups, and software installations off the shoulders of the user. Solu does all that stuff for you and works offline with the ability to sync data as soon as you are back online.

Solu has a cloud-linked operating system with all the data stored in SoluCloud, an encrypted environment. That environment stores data, device status, and applications settings all automatically without the user needing to spend time managing the features.

With this system if the Solu computer is ever damaged beyond repair, when you connect a new one to your account everything is just as it was on the old machine. Solu can be connected to a screen and keyboard for a desktop experience, but it can be used as a stand-alone portable device.

Solu has an integrated edge-to-edge touchscreen with a zoomable interface. An integrated battery allows use on the go away from an outlet. When connected to an external monitor, Solu becomes a smart touchpad. Solu is on Kickstarter seeking $227,812 and has raised nearly $216,000 at the time of writing with 12 days to go. A pledge of about $398 will get you a Solu and a three-month subscription with shipping in May 2016. It's unclear how much the monthly subscription will be on its own.

SOURCE: Kickstarter