Solid Alliance's Terminator USB Drive Makes an Appearance in Japan

Terminator Salvation came out earlier this year, and if you liked it (or maybe loved it), then this new USB drive might just be the perfect thing for your desk. It's a licensed T-600 face, and it's from the latest movie. And while getting a USB memory stick that can stare back at you might not be the best idea for some people, it's obviously something to get if you are a fan of the movies. And by fan, we mean you quote the movies on a day-to-day basis, kind of fan.

Japan has a thing for USB drives, and they have a knack for making them look as ridiculous as possible. Apparently they're not fans of boring consumer products over there, and because of that we get to see things like this. It doesn't have that great of storage capacity, but at 2GB it can at least keep some of your stuff safe behind that gruesome visage. The gadget only ways about 42g, and supports Windows XP/Vista, as well as Mac OS 10.2 and up. And if that wasn't enough, those shiny red eyes? Apparently they're rhinestones from luxury brand Swarovski.

The skull is available now in Japan, and –are you ready for this?– it costs $150 if you want to get your greedy little hands on it. There are outlets you can get in touch with, like Geek Stuff 4 U, that are ready and willing to ship it over to you, if you just can't live without this thing. Of course, if you can't find $150 to spend on something else, and you need more Terminator stuff, go for it. We won't tell.

[via CrunchGear]