Solavei offers iPhone 5 mini SIM card for $49 unlimited network

Shane McGlaun - Mar 7, 2013
Solavei offers iPhone 5 mini SIM card for $49 unlimited network

If you have an iPhone 5 and are tired of paying the high price for voice and data on your current carrier, a new option is available from prepaid network Solavei. The carrier has announced that it now has nano SIM cards available that will work in the iPhone 5. These SIM cards offer unlimited voice, text, and data service for iPhone 5 users.

One of the best parts about the unlimited service is that it costs only $49 per month. The company also offers some SIM cards that will work with the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Google Nexus 4. Solavei launched in September of 2012 and the service offers to pay customers for using their social commerce platform to share the opportunity to save.

The carrier has paid out $6.5 million to members for sharing its mobile service with others since it launched in September of 2012. However, the service puts the user under no obligation to share the service or sign-up other users. If users choose to share the plan they can earn up to $20 per month off their bill for every three members they or someone connected to them signs up for the service.

It’s unclear if people can actually get paid or if once they bring on more members than their monthly cost for service, they simply get free service. The company offers nationwide 4G service in many areas. As with most “unlimited” plans on the market today, there are actually limits on data. The company has a 4 GB data cap.

[via Solavei]

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