Solar-Powered Bible Preachy because it’s ’em’powered by the ‘son’

Christina Crouch - Dec 7, 2007

Having a lot of ministers in my family it’s by far no stretch to say I get preached at a lot. Sometimes it’s a comfort knowing that no matter what I do there is going to be something to let me know how righteous or messed up I am for it. The only downfall, for me, is when there is no one around to share their information with me, until now.

When there is no one who could quote me scripture I can turn to the Solar-Powered Bible. With its “real human voice” I’ll know just where I stand in the thick of things. In all seriousness though, it’s really handy for those people who are blind or too weak to hold such a thick book. Just a short time in the sun, or under a lamp or even with a charge from a 9-volt battery for all those Alaskan Christians and you’re good to go.

You can listen to the bible chapter by chapter or even skip around books. One charge will last 10 hours and you’ll get both the new and old testament of the King James Version of the bible. It costs $149.95 but also comes with a set of ear phones and a stand. It’s the perfect Christmas gift to bring your bible readers into the electronic era.

Solar-Powered Bible [via SkyMall]

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