Solar Plant Mate concept at Yanko Design

We don't really do plants at my house because we forget to water them. Typically, we water the one plant we have in the house once it turns brown and is listlessly lying on the floor. Luckily, the plant is robust and typically perks back up in a few hours after water. A new concept over at Yanko Design is designed for those like me with a black thumb.

The concept is called the Plant Mate and the device is designed to be crammed into the ground in your garden, though you could use it in house plants too (if it were a real product). The stick looks quite a bit like one of those solar-powered walkway lights to me. The device uses tech to analyze your soil and inform you of what your plants need.

You would be able to check nutrients and moisture levels. Basically, the Plant Mate will remind you to water your garden and tells you what sort of fertilizer you need to toss on your flowers. The concept also has a concept app for the iPhone that shows you the locations of all the Plant Mate devices in your garden and tells you what the plants in each section need.