Solar Page chargers want you to dig out that old day planner

Back in the days before smartphones were common if you needed a way to keep your day organized you had two choices, a PDA or a day planner. Both the PDA and the day planner were killed off by modern smartphones with their ability to keep track of your day, access the web, and make phone calls. If you still have your old day planner lying around somewhere a new product called Solar Page will be shown off at CES this month you might be interested in.

Solar Page is a pair of compact solar panels that are designed specifically to be clipped into your day planner. The panels are capable of generating up to five watts of power with power varying depending on how strong the light is.

Power generated by the solar panels can be sent to your smartphone via a pop-out Lightning or microUSB port that plugs right into your device. The people behind the product say that it can fully charge an iPhone 6 in two and a half hours.

Some of the key details on this product are missing. We don't know exactly when it will launch or how much the Solar Page system will cost. Presumably, all of those details will be offered at CES where the product will be unveiled.

SOURCE: Gizmodo