Solar Mobile Phone Charger For the Ladies

For the ladies here, if you thought the SolarPort wasn't quite suiting your style despite its good environmental intentions, then take a look at this compact-like Solar Mobile Charger. It may look like a nice addition to your makeup kit in the picture, but according to the seller site, the unit measures a whopping 34 x 26 x 26 cm. I'm hoping that's a typo, and that they really meant 3.4 cm.

The unit is mainly meant for charging mobile phones and Mp3 players. It can also charge your device via a car DC power or an AC outlet. However, it is not clear if this device is actually retailing anywhere right now, but it appears that you can pick yourself up a case of 10 units from this wholesaler site for $18.50 per unit.

Solar Mobile Phone Charger Powers Your Devices Almost Anywhere [Via: Chipchick]