Solar Cookup200 cooks gets its power from the yellow sun

If you ever find yourself stranded in the wilds packed with a bunch of mirrors, wood, and some chicken that needs burning we have the outdoor cooking tool for you. This thing you see is called the solar Cookup200. It looks like some sort of satellite frying doohickey. It's actually a device for focusing the sun light that hits it to cook up food.

It also looks like if you stand just right and miss the pan you might fry your own eyeballs. Here is the crazy part. Apparently, you can actually buy this thing and use it for camp outs or living off the land cooking. I bet it would cook a squirrel right up. The tray you see in the center is where you place the food.

You can arrange the cooking section into the right position by placing the rod though a different hole in the side. I wonder how long it would take to cook up some burgers on this thing. I guess it would depend on the strength of the sun. In Texas, you could cook on the sidewalk in the summer so your outdoor feast may burn to ash in a few seconds with this.

[via Geeky-Gadgets]