Solar Charging USB Hub is portable way to power gadgets

USB hubs are super practical and a great way to ensure all your gizmos have a place to plug in. However, what if you're out and about and need to power up multiple gadgets? That's where the Solar Charging USB Hub comes into play.

The USB hub features four ports and sports a 700mAh battery that can be charged when plugged into your computer. But, if you decide to take the hub on the go, it can also be charged up by means of the solar panel.

This might not exactly be the most practical thing in the world, since solar charging is pretty much limited to the middle of the day, but the battery will store built up power, so you can used your devices even when the sun has gone down. Luckily, the Solar Charging USB hub costs $22, so it won't be a big investment to try, at least.