Soft Touch Alarm Clock Concept Has an Inflatable Wristband

When you think of an alarm clock, you think of a simple system that does pretty much one thing: tell you what time it is. The Soft Touch alarm clock takes things to a whole new level, though, and does quite a bit more. Specifically designed for the hearing impaired, the Soft Touch is a system that not only tells you the time, and looks good doing it, but also alerts owners of impending danger.

The Soft Touch is a concept design created by a whole team of designers out of the University of Derby in the United Kingdom. The alarm clock itself is integrated with sensors that are designed to inform the owner of any danger that may be around, such as fire. It does this, by utilizing an inflatable wristband with its own digital display. When the alarm clock has a notification of any sort (like a phone call, for example), not only will the display inform the owner of what the notification is, but it will also literally squeeze around the wrist of the wearer.

The sensors on the wristband can also be linked to other household gadgets, like your fire alarm, or the doorbell. The notification system works the same way, and will always keep the user in the know, when something is happening. Unfortunately, this is just in the concept stage, but hopefully that changes soon.

[via The Design Blog]