Sofmap Digital Olive features breakaway speakers

Do you remember those old Apple Jacks commercials where they'd always say that it doesn't taste like apples? That's the first thing that came to mind when I saw these Olive MP3 players, they don't look like olives.

These Digital Olive MP3 players from Sofmap are actually pretty cool. It is a single unit that can break apart into three pieces: two speakers and the main unit. You get an SD card slot for loading your favorite tunes, or you can hook it up to your PC via USB.

These will be available starting July 24th in Japan for 5,980 Yen, or around fifty bucks. If you happen to know someone over there and want to pick one up you can choose between 4 different colors.

Sofmap Digital Olive 2ch portable audio player [via farestgizmos]