SocialKeyboards unveils S.N.A.K. the Social Network Access Keyboard

If you are a serious user of Facebook that spend lots of time uploading photos and other content to your social network page on Facebook a new keyboard just for you has surfaced. The keyboard is called the S.N.A.K. and it has a bunch of short cut keys that will let you go directly to the parts of Facebook you want with a single button press. The keyboard has 19 different networking hotkeys.

The multitude of hot keys allows you to press a button and go right to uploading pictures and there is a button for liking a post as well. The keyboard requires you to install software on the computer for use and it offers online documentation as well. The software controls the hot keys that are on the keyboard.

The idea behind the S.N.A.K. keyboard is that no matter what Facebook does to the layout and button arrangement of the social network you will always be able to upload pics easily and quickly. The keyboard can be purchased right now for $29.99.