SoakTV Is A Waterproof Wireless TV

I've heard tale of those people who are so addicted to TV they have one in every room, including the bathroom, and I'm glad I'm not one of them. I've never had a show that was so important to me I couldn't miss a second of it or wait until a rerun to catch what I missed. But for those of you who need to take it a step further and place your TV within the bathtub/shower itself there is the SoakTV.

It's a 10.4" LCD screen and can be used with a PC and DVD player and has built-in speakers and of course a remote. It's waterproof from all angles and wireless so I'm sure the creative mind can find all places to put it.

If you want one of these for yourself it'll only cost you $930. Money better spent I think.

[via gadgettastic]