SNL Star Wars sketch shows you what toy commercials won't

Being in my early 30s, I never had the joy of experiencing any of the original Star Wars movies when they were in theaters. However, ever since my aunt and uncle introduced me to their VHS copies, I've been fascinated by the stories, lore, and of course, the toys. I've always been the type that opens my figures and enjoys them that way, as opposed to leaving them in the box. Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live had a skit that might hit close to home for some collectors out there.

The skit starts off just like any other toy commercial that you might remember on a Saturday morning. A couple of kids playing with their newly-acquired figures, and having a good time playing pretend with them. Sure, none of us can really relate to the children in the video anymore, but they're soon joined by two older guys that I feel like I've hung out with on more than one occasion. Their catch phrase "or leave it in the box!" certainly reminds me of a few people I've known.

The skit does a good idea poking fun at the commercials and collectors alike. No, there's nothing wrong with leaving your figures in the box, because you enjoy having a collector's item that's still sealed. However, that's not the sort of thing you'll find any toy company advertising in a commercial.

In all, it does show us that Star Wars isn't just for kids, or adults. They're movies and stories that we can all enjoy, in our own way. No matter how peculiar our particular method of enjoyment may be.