SNES Rayman game thought lost discovered 24-years-later

Back in the earlier days of console gaming we all had to plug cartridges into our consoles to play. It was many years before the CD and DVD became the method of running games on your console system. A game designer called Michel Ancel has been around since those early days of gaming and one of the popular games that he worked on decades ago was called Rayman and the game was for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Ancel had been searching for the long lost Rayman build for the SNES and had posted up an image on Instagram bemoaning the loss of all the pixels of art created for the game. He wrote in the caption for an image of the game, " All these pixels are lost, like tears in the rain."

Fast forward a few days and Ancel found the ROM of the game and shared an image of the naked ROM crammed into the gullet of an old-school SNES console. Ancel didn't give us any detail on where he found the ROM of the game. He also didn't say what he plans to do with the ROM. I hope he plays it on his SNES.

After 24 years of lying around, the ROM worked as it was supposed to and the game was fired up on the SNES and played on a modern screen at 60fps. The very first Rayman game landed on the PlayStation in 1995, but the original release was planned for the SNES clearly. At some point Ubisoft decided to move the project to the then new CD-Rom consoles and hired new animators to improve the graphics. These days Ancel is working on concept art for a long awaited Beyond Good & Evil sequel announced eight years ago.

SOURCE: Kotaku