SNES Classic in-store at bankrupt Toys R Us at launch

Yesterday, Toys R Us announced that it will pursue bankruptcy to seek some relief from the large debt it's built up over the years. Normally, an announcement like this from a nationwide toy chain wouldn't have much implication for the world of consumer electronics, but with the launch of the SNES Classic Edition looming, it most certainly does. After all, Toys R Us represents one of the best chances to actually buy an SNES Classic on launch day, as it's one of the few retailers that didn't offer pre-orders for the device.

So, will the company's plan to pursue bankruptcy have any negative effect come SNES Classic launch day? The answer, thankfully, is "no." In speaking to Polygon, a Toys R Us representative said it will be business as usual on September 29, so if you were planning to line up outside your local store and trying your luck, you can carry on with your plans.

"Stores will open at normal time and have limited inventory of the console, so we encourage customers to get in line before doors open on Friday morning for the chance to scoop up this hot item," the Toys R Us rep said. Indeed, since none of its stock will be reserved for pre-orders, Toys R Us could end up being the best place to pick up an SNES Classic Edition for anyone who was left empty-handed after that brief and hectic pre-order period was over.

Still, regardless of where you line up, expect some competition for an SNES Classic. Though Nintendo says that SNES Classic supply will be much greater than that of the NES Classic, that doesn't mean a whole lot if demand still outpaces that supply. Luckily, Nintendo plans to offer the SNES Classic until we're into 2018, so hopefully more people have a chance at getting one this time around.

We'll see if Nintendo can ultimately satisfy demand this time around, but expect the SNES Classic Edition to be just as popular as the NES Classic, if not more. Are you going to be lining up on launch day? Head down to the comments section and let us know!