SNES Classic in stock: Fighting Commander bundle will sell fast

If you're still on the prowl for an SNES Classic, you're going to want to check out GameStop today. The endlessly popular mini console is back in stock there today, but as is usually the case with GameStop and its subsidiary ThinkGeek, it's only available as part of a bundle. As luck would have it, however, this bundle isn't too bad of a deal.

Unlike the bundles we're used to seeing, which are packed with extras that drive the overall price way up, this one is actually pretty slim on the accessories. The only thing you get in addition to the SNES Classic is a Fighting Commander wireless controller from HORI. While the controller itself looks a little unorthodox with its extra buttons and black color scheme, the fact that it's wireless is actually a big bonus.

After all, while the SNES Classic's controller cables are a bit longer than the paltry ones that shipped with the NES Classic, they're still far too short. Extension cables solve this problem, but wireless controllers are even better. If you can deal with a button layout made with fighting games in mind, then this is actually becomes a very solid bundle.

That's especially true when you consider the price. GameStop is only asking $104.99 for the bundle, a mere $25 more than the SNES Classic on its own. The controller itself costs $25, so you're not saving any money or paying any more than you would by purchasing them separately. True, that certainly isn't an insignificant amount of money, but it's far less than you'd pay for an SNES Classic through a third-party seller like eBay.

Act fast, though, because like every other SNES Classic listing that's popped up throughout the months, we're expecting this sell out quickly. If you want to try to snag one, you can pick it up now from GameStop's website.