Sneaky DSM all-purpose audio streamer promises quality sound

Shane McGlaun - Apr 3, 2013
Sneaky DSM all-purpose audio streamer promises quality sound

If you’re a major consumer of streaming audio from a variety of sources or audio from physical media such as CDs, LINN has a new product called the Sneaky DSM that promises superb sound. The company says that the product provides superb sound from everything you listen to in the home and describes the device as an all-purpose streamer. The Sneaky DSM has both pre and power amps built into its slim form factor.

The device is designed to play music from CDs, download a digital track, online content, Internet radio, and supports your home entertainment content as well. The device will make sound from your movies, video games, or TV sound better. The Sneaky DSM is designed for you to connect your pair of speakers directly to it and then connect the device to your home network.

The audio streaming devices designed to work in conjunction with an application that runs on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop allowing you digital content to be accessed and controlled from your smart device. The streaming box has a built-in Ethernet port, RCA analog phono input, one S/PDIF RCA phono input, three HDMI inputs, and a single TOSLINK input.

Audio output can be via one of the three HDMI ports or two high quality four-pole Neutrik Speakon speaker connections. The device supports the audio format you prefer including FLAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, MP3, WMA (except lossless), AIFF, AAC, and OOG. The device has two channels with 33 W of power in stereo or four channels with 33 W of power when bi-amped. The Sneaky DSM is available in black, silver, or white for £1,750.

[via LINN]

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