Snapstick iPhone App Lets You Snap the Internet to Your TV [Video]

The iPhone can be used in a lot of different ways, outside of the standard things that Apple let out of the labs. Applications give the device a breath of new life, and this new app, or system if Snapstick has their way, is meant to deliver the "full web" to your TV, thanks to your iPhone (and laptop). CRAVE got some time to play around with the iPhone application, and tested it out. So, how does flicking your shows from an iPhone to your TV work? Better than some may have thought.

The quick use of the application isn't a full-blown review, or even an in-depth preview. The application itself, as Snapstick points out, isn't a full, ready for primetime product quite yet. But, what does seem to be working so far works well enough. Not only can you "snap" content from your iPhone, which you can then control from the phone itself or your laptop, but other people with the application can then control the content on the TV from their respective iPhone, too.

Of course, you'll need a device to snatch the content from the air after you throw it over. Snapstick isn't sure if the current prototype, which is a set-top box, will stick around, or if they will incorporate the technology into a Blu-ray player, or maybe even a TV itself. As of right now, there's no word on a release date or pricing, but with Snapstick obviously taking on Apple TV and Google TV, we can all just hope that a price is competitive.

[via CRAVE]