Snapshot review of HTC's S620 Smartphone

Ah, to be Julie Strietelmeier.  You know, where some people have drawers full of cutlery and doilies, she has them full of smartphones.  She buys them, her voracious appetite for tech never sated, uses them for a day or two and then moves onto the next model.

Thing is, her flighty cellphone romancing is not only using up all the storage space in her home but meaning she misses out on learning to enjoy each individual handset.  Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and so Julie decided to revisit an old flame and see if the spark was still alive; in this case, the HTC S620.

Having languished uncharged and unloved after the lack of touchscreen tried Julie's patience one too many times, the S620 turned out second-time round to be quite the companion.  Heaping praise on its super-clear screen and stellar battery life, it's only a slightly cramped keyboard for the fulsome-of-thumb and lack of 3.5mm headphone port that garner it a repeated kicking.


Julie is promising more of these snapshot reviews, as she works through her little black book of past cellphone conquests.

Two Days with the HTC S620 [The Gadgeteer]