Snapmaker is a 3D printer that can also do engraving and CNC carving

Chris Burns - Apr 13, 2017, 1:57 pm CDT
Snapmaker is a 3D printer that can also do engraving and CNC carving

There’s a device known as Snapmaker coming to home creator workshops that’ll allow several sorts of DIY creating in one place. The device is known as Snapmaker, and it’ll allow the user to do three things: 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving. All of this is included in the device that’s made with an “all metal” design that’s made to be easy-to-use for beginners and expandable for more experienced “makers.”

While there are 3D printers, CNC machines, and engravers that use a major amount of metal in their construction, Snapmaker suggests that it has an “all-metal build”. This, they say, gives Snapmaker a “premium industrial outlook” – what with its “rock-solid aluminum alloys frame” and all. Inside is a precision acme lead screw as a drive mechanism, too.

To use this 3D printer, the folks that’ve made Snapmaker have created software called Snap3D. This printer also works with “other slicer software” as you deem necessary. With Snap3D, a “very friendly newbie software experience” is provided – drag and drop file printing, that is to say.

OF NOTE: This is not the sort of 3D printer users should be buying for their children. It does not feature any sort of exterior guardrail or block of any sort. Users should exercise extreme caution when the machine is in use – especially while employing laser engraving or CNC carving.

Above you’ll see an example of CNC Carving with Snapmaker. Below you’ll see an example of Laser Engraving with Snapmaker. Both of these example videos were filmed by the people who make Snapmaker.

What’s radical about this device at its simplest is the pricing. For those users that pledge $299 to the Kickstarter, there’s a package that includes the Snapmaker with 3D printing capabilities. That includes the heated bed, touch screen, and a 0.5kg spool of 1.75mm filament. This and the other packages ship to anywhere in the world.

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