Snapchat's new 'Travel Mode' reduces data usage

Snapchat has pushed out updates for its Android and iOS apps, and they both benefit from a handful of new features as a result. For iPhone and Android users, the update brings a trio of new welcomed features, the most important of which is 'Travel Mode', which cuts down on how much data the apps use. That feature is particularly appropriate considering how, earlier this year, Snapchat had an issue that caused it to gobble up massive quantities of users' data.

The apps were updated today, and now feature the aforementioned Travel Mode, as well as the ability to see who has viewed your Stories, and support for adding more than one emoji to a snap anywhere you'd like (as well as a new button to facilitate that).

The Travel Mode option can be found within Settings, and toggling it on will limit the amount of data that is used by preventing the automatic download of snaps. In this case, you can wait until you're on a WiFi network and then tap-to-load a snap. If Snapchat has been eating away at your data, turning this on will stop the madness.

If you're more concerned about emoji than data usage, the new Sticker Picker button will be more exciting for you — tap it and you'll be graced with the ability to add multiple emoji to a snap anywhere you'd like. Rounding it all out is the little eye icon near the viewers number for snaps — tap it and you'll see who has been looking at your content.

VIA: TechCrunch