Snapchat's Bitmoji avatars get 3D upgrade rolling out now in US

Starting today, Snapchat users can enable 3D Bitmoji avatars on their profile, giving them a more polished and dynamic version of the 2D avatars many people use on the platform. The 3D version of Bitmoji supports the same wide range of clothing, expressions, and more that you can access on the 2D version, but with the benefit of new body poses and a more modern appearance.

If you're on Snapchat, the odds are high you have a customized Bitmoji avatar. Users are able to create the 2D character in their likeness, including everything from hairstyle to the creases on their face. A number of brand partners have gotten in on the popular avatar system, adding their own products as a way to promote them.

You can, for example, fit your Bitmoji avatar with a pair of Adidas shoes and a Vans t-shirt. The same remains true for the 3D version of the avatars, which, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, offers more than 1,200 different style combos, including gestures, poses, facial expressions, and background.

Snap is rolling out the new support to Snapchat users in the US; at the time of publication, we were unable to access the feature ourselves, so it remains unclear how long some users may have to wait to access the new option. Whether users will be able to stick with their 2D avatar is also unknown at this time.

With the new variety of dynamic, more 'realistic' Bitmoji avatars, we may see Snap expand its brand partnerships to promote more apparel via these digital representations. Bitmoji has previously dabbled with 3D versions of its popular 2D avatars, including 3D versions available in some games and as augmented reality overlays.