Snapchat's big gaming push might be right around the corner

For a while now, it's been rumored that Snapchat is looking to implement gaming in some form. While it might be a little strange to think of Snapchat branching out into gaming, it isn't that odd. After all, Snapchat's biggest competitor, Facebook, has been focusing on games with Messenger, so Snapchat may be looking to implement games of its own to even the field. Today, we're learning that the launch of Snapchat games might be right around the corner.

A new report today claims that Snapchat might roll out its games platform as early as next month. Internally, this platform is dubbed "Project Cognac," and it'll feature at least a few games made by third-party developers that are designed to work within the Snapchat app.

Today's report comes from Cheddar, which spoke to an anonymous source familiar with Snapchat's plans. That source says Snapchat's new gaming platform will be officially unveiled at an April 4th summit in Los Angeles. It sounds like this summit is going to be an industry-only affair with developers and content partners attending, and Cheddar claims to have seen an invite to the event sporting the tagline "Less talk. More play."

The report didn't offer any insight about what kind of games we'll see on Snapchat, but they'll likely be relatively small and straightforward just like the titles we often see on Messenger. Snapchat has been facing some stiff competition from Facebook and Instagram, so it may use gaming as a way to draw in new users and as an additional form of monetization. In the end, if games keep people looking at the app longer, Snapchat probably considers that a win.

We'll see how accurate this report is soon enough, as Snapchat's rumored summit is scheduled to happen in just a few weeks. While we wait for April 4th to roll around, head down to the comments section and let us know if you'd spend time playing games within Snapchat.