Snapchat update isn't going away, unless...

Over the past week, Snapchat's been the subject of quite a bit of ire from the likes of teens across the planet. There've been hashtags, social media campaigns, memes, and even some rather official petitions with thousands of signatures. But only one thing can actually be done to change Snapchat's mind. Just one.

Delete Snapchat and forget your streaks. If you're the sort of person that takes Snapchat seriously, and you want change – or a rollback of change, in this case – you only have one option. There's only one thing that'll hurt Snapchat. Only one way they'll listen.

If the biggest Snapchat users shut down their profiles in protest, Snapchat will listen. Snapchat has to listen if the products they rely on revolt. Stop giving Snapchat your money, and stop making your friends use Snapchat by continuing your endless streaks of Snaps.

It is because of you that your friends are addicted to Snapchat, and because of them that you are addicted. Snapchat knows this, and they know you'll never stop Snapping. No matter how much you complain, nothing is going to go your way unless you simply stop.

The addiction element is Snapchat's license to do as they please. It is with the streak that they hold you. The best way to quit is to start up something else. That's not healthy behavior for those that tend to get addicted to all sorts of things – but it's effective.

Try sending your friends messages with different apps. Find a way to switch up the game. Don't let your life be filtered out and compressed into a single app.

And if you really, truly want to go the extra mile in attempting to get Snapchat to change, just stop using your smartphone. Go write a letter. Go draw a big picture on a wall. Nobody's watching – everyone else is still Snapping.