Snapchat Spectacles launch two new styles today

Eric Abent - Sep 5, 2018, 12:10pm CDT
Snapchat Spectacles launch two new styles today

Despite the fact that the original Spectacles didn’t quite find the success Snapchat was hoping for, this year the company decided to press on with the wearable. Back in May, Snapchat introduced Spectacles V2, which came with a few new features to tempt the holdouts who may not have taken the plunge with the first version. Despite these tweaks, Spectacles V2 sported a design that was mostly similar to the original.

There were, naturally, some minor tweaks made to the design. Snapchat granted Spectacles a slimmer profile for their V2 debut, and even outfitted them with water resistance for more flexibility when taking photos and videos. Still, the aesthetic was mostly the same, which may have been disappointing for people who wanted their Spectacles to look more like a traditional pair of sunglasses.

Today, Snapchat has introduced two new versions of Spectacles aimed at those consumers. These new models are called Nico and Veronica, and as Snapchat describes them, they’re meant to combine both form and function. Unlike the original Spectacles V2, Veronica and Nico aren’t available in any different colors aside from black-on-black, and both look more like a standard pair of sunglasses than the original model.

Veronica and Nico look like pretty good additions to the Spectacles line, but there are a couple of considerations to make before you pick up a pair. The first is that both models can only be charged with the Spectacles charging cable, as neither are compatible with the charging case. The second is that they cost $50 more than a standard pair of Spectacles, clocking in at a not-insignificant $199.99.

Assuming those caveats don’t bother you, you can pick up both the Nico and Veronica from today. Snapchat also says that its flagship app will soon be able to arrange the snaps you capture with Spectacles into a Highlight Story, though that feature won’t be arriving until later on this fall. We’ll keep an ear to the ground for more on when that feature will launch, so stay tuned for that.

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